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Hey all,

Sorry for the lack of bloggage this summer— and the start of the semester—, we had some internal stuff to work out. But, now that that is all sorted out, expect for all your greater VCU area arts news to be featured here, on the Mainstream (blog).


RVA stickers: not just VCU colors anymore!

As much Black and Gold that I bleed, I’m digging this.

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If you were wondering what Cory was talking about in the last episode of (digressions), this is an article that better articulates why he thinks Superhero movies exist on a lower plain of film through the Dark Knight trilogy.

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The hot, hot heat of Richmond and the release of the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has prompted the boys to do a summer edition of (digressions)— featuring the always knowledgeable Nelson Johnson of Gust Controller. Grab a buddy and enjoy this quasi-criticism of “The Dark Knight Rises”.


Featured Student: Diego Valdez. Taken through an internship with the Martin Agency.


Featured Artist: Joel Meyerowitz. Presenting at the VMFA, May 3rd.


It’s 1849. Edgar Allan Poe is about to die penniless and alone. Good thing he has a few days to solve crimes before he sinks into eternal darkness!

Read our review HERE


Let’s just hope that today is not the day I get stuck in a time loop.

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In addition to Nerdicus Maximus on WVCW and All Your New Are Belong To Us on the Potboiler Podcasting Network, RVA has a new nerd-culture podcast, Life, Leave Me Alone. Who will rule in the RVA clash of the nerd podcasts ? Honestly you should listen to them all; they all have different styles.

Ever want to sing along to the Lion King in public ? Come to the VCU student commons theater, now!

DJ Wars is about to begin in Shafer Dining Court. Use a swipe and enjoy the show!


Featured Student: Fionnuala Bradley. From “Foto-Film-Kunst-Lebensmittel,” an informal group showcase.

Fionnuala Bradley was one of the Mainstream’s first interviews. Awesome photographer, she is.


Featured Student: Helen Stoddard. From “Foto-Film-Kunst-Lebensmittel,” an informal group showcase.


Featured StudentStephen Turner. From “Foto-Film-Kunst-Lebensmittel,” an informal group showcase.