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The Mainstream Digressions

The hot, hot heat of Richmond and the release of the final installment of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy has prompted the boys to do a summer edition of (digressions)— featuring the always knowledgeable Nelson Johnson of Gust Controller. Grab a buddy and enjoy this quasi-criticism of “The Dark Knight Rises”.

Ever thought to yourself, “Man, I really wish the Mainstream and (digressions) would just download itself on my computer ?” Well your prayers have been answered. Both have been accepted and updated on iTunes and can be subscribed to!

Just because us at the blog have been slacking doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give the boys on the podcast your time!

GET AT THEM !! (like,… now)

Peep the new album covers!

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The Mainstream,
The Mainstream Digressions

A continuation of The Mainstream (proper), this digression is one of the worst/ most fun podcast we’ve produced. This discussion of musicals in general leads to character voices, songs, and a duet by two of the host. Don’t miss a good time in this Mainstream (digression), entitled “The Musical Episode”.

(Don’t forget to check out this weeks Mainstream (proper) for all your arts news!)

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The Mainstream,
The Mainstream Digressions

This episode isn’t so much an argument, but a search for definition. The boys of the Mainstream Digressions try to find the meaning of the word “adaption” as it pertains to art (especially movies [especially Spiderman]), bob-and-weave around spoilers, and share microphones successfully in this week’s digression entitled “Get’cho Lexicon Game UP!”

Tuesday’s podcast is also up, so get at that too! (we talked about First Friday!)

iTunes is being silly about it, but it works as far as we know. Tell us what you think about it ?

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The Mainstream,
The Mainstream Digressions

We at the Mainstream (blog) understand that we’ve slacked on our pimpin’ this weekend, so to make up for it, here is last weeks edition of Mainstream Digressions.

Cory had been mauled by raccoons and is not on the show this time around (though he does make some odd faces throughout). Richard and Jeremy take up the torch in this weeks installment as they discuss the effects of the internet on the music industry today, in this session entitled “Death by Internet.”

Know how to spell or just want free tickets ? This is the event for you !

Need some convocation points ? Or are do you just want something to due on a Saturday.

Either way, satisfy your need with the senior rectal of viola player, John Chiles in the Singleton Center for the Performing Arts at 1:00pm.

Bask in the sun, hear some good music, enjoy your Saturday = )

How ya’ll like the new logo ?

J. Theresa Bush 

Grad - "Ready to Work" Award


Honorable Mention - Grad. Costume Design for Hamlet 

Frances Ritter

FIRST PLACE - Crafts Competition for her corset & petticoat

Joe Thompson

Honorable Mention - Undergrad - Scenic Design for Red

Sophie Solomon-Resplendy

Third Place - Undergrad Scenic Design for Arabian Nights

Virginia Varland

Third Place - Undergrad Costume Design for War of the World

Nicole Slaven

Honorable Mention - Undergrad Costume Design for Rocky Horror Show

It’s boss. Check it out and learn something.

This exhibit opens tomorrow and runs through the end of the week in the Student Art Space— conveniently located in the VCU Student Commons. Whether you want to go on purpose or stop in while walking through on your way to class, this should be a site worth seeing.

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The Mainstream,
The Mainstream Digressions

The Pilot episode of the new arts podcast: The Mainstream Digressions.

New host Richard DiCicco isn’t just a handsome voice, but also an artist ! Check out his illustrations and reblogs at .